Porcelain Veneers

Veneers are one of the best ways to immediately improve the look of a person’s smile. Consisting of thin, wafer-like shells, veneers are secured on the front surface of one’s teeth in order to correct certain flaws. With their simplicity and versatility, veneers are one of the most popular forms of cosmetic dental treatment available.

There are several dental applications that veneers provide, including:

  • Adjusting the color of teeth
  • Correcting crooked or misshapen teeth
  • Repairing damaged or chipped teeth
  • Adjusting the size and shape of teeth
  • Reducing noticeable gaps between teeth

With their amazingly thin design, veneers are virtually invisible to others. Once applied, they offer the appearance of healthy, white tooth enamel. Because veneers are built from stain-resistant materials, they are not likely to become discolored due to the use of tobacco products or the consumption of dark-colored beverages like coffee, wine or juice. When cared for properly, a set of veneers should remain intact for more than ten years. Our experts use porcelain veneers because of the material’s natural look and exceptional performance.

Our veneers are custom-built using 3D scans of the patient’s teeth. Patients who receive our custom veneers will find that they can dramatically enhance the look of their teeth while appearing completely natural.

When applying veneers, the first step is to shave off a small amount of enamel on any tooth that is designated for treatment. This will provide an adequate amount of space for the new veneers. Next, the teeth are treated with an etching solution to roughen their outer surfaces allowing the veneers to bond properly. Finally, the veneers are applied to the teeth and secured with a dental adhesive.

If you want to improve the look of your teeth and you would like to receive more information about our custom veneers, please call us at (941) 244-2220 to schedule an appointment.


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    Melissa K.

    "The staff is so personable at Dental Implants Today. The doctors are all wonderful and truly care about the patients. The assistants make you truly comfortable while your in the dental chair. The office is high tech and all digital. The office is conveniently located off Tamiami Trail and easy to locate. Can't wait for my next visit!"

    Susan P.

    Sure wish I had found them earlier!! I had a periodontist that did gum surgery on me for 13,000.00; I had to wait for my gums to heal a few months and because that Periodontist would not work with my previous dentist I had to find a new dentist for the tooth part after the implant. I went in to interview Dr. Krause (dentist) & found the office and staff exceptional AND I got a quote for the implants at HALF the cost from his partner Dr. Taylor (periodontist)!! I can only imagine how much money I would have saved on the initial surgery, I feel violated by the first periodontist. I had the implants yesterday and painless with the exception of the numbing shots initially and no pain today. Affordable Quality Care!

    Vincent D.

    "I've always gotten the best service from Dr Schweizer, everyone at the office is very knowledgeable and professional, all the staff is very friendly. Since moving down to Florida, Dr Schweizer has been the only dentist I've had, which has been about 30 years. I don't think I would feel comfortable seeing any one else."


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